The future of production .

Technological advances for industry

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics and augmented or virtual reality are all technological advances that are adapting to environmental constraints and industrial needs.

Considered a key sector of the global economy, industrial production faces a number of challenges: the ecological transition, international competition, a shortage of skilled labour and growing consumer demand. These challenges are being met by technological advances that offer innovative solutions that profoundly transform the way products are distributed, manufactured and designed.

Industrial robotics .

The age of robotics - Technological advances in industry

Industrial robotics are used in assembly, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics. These technological advances perform repetitive, complex or dangerous tasks.

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Intelligent solutions .

How industrial technologies improve productivity

Productivity is an important factor in a company’s success. Thanks to intelligent solutions provided by industrial technologies, you can increase your productivity and turn the competitive edge of your business into a profitable one.



Improve productivity and quality

Artificial intelligence

The Internet of Things

A technological revolution in data processing

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Content creation and problem solving

3D printing

Creating unique, made-to-measure objects

Industry 4.0

Digitising and networking machines

Advanced automation

Autonomous cars, virtual assistants, industrial robots

Supply chain

The supply chain affects reliability and quality

The future of production .

Automated production lines are revolutionising industry

Automated production lines boost productivity, enhance safety and improve quality, while cutting production times and costs.

This system uses robots, machines or software to carry out different phases of a manufacturing process without human assistance. It is generally made up of several components: actuators, sensors, controllers and conveyors. A production line includes fixed, flexible and programmable automation.

Process optimisation.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management, encompassing product management, is a set of processes capable of controlling, planning, and optimizing the flow of finance, information, and materials. In addition, implementing a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution, like Goaland‘s solution, further enhances efficiency by centralizing and organizing product-related data, ensuring streamlined operations and informed decision-making.

SCM is essential to the running of your business. It increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, reduces production times and costs, and gives you a competitive edge. As a strategic lever for your business, it creates added value and strengthens your overall performance.

Supply chain management
To improve customer satisfaction

To improve customer satisfaction

Production planning

Supplier turnover and reliability

Inventory management

Networking strategies.

Strengthen your presence in the industry

Networking comes in many shapes and forms: meetings, events, forums, online platforms or social networks. It’s a powerful tool for developing your business.

This art of maintaining and creating professional relationships boosts your profile and visibility in the marketplace. All you have to do is take part in networking activities to make yourself known to partners, potential customers, investors or suppliers. If you publicise your achievements, expertise or projects, you can strengthen your brand image and credibility.